The Department of Gas and Heat supply systems operation was founded at the Faculty of Urban engineering by the Order 11.04.1993 № 49-01 in Kharkov national academy of municipal economy. The head of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Oil and Gas Kaptsov Ivan Ivanovich.

He has about 120 scientific articles, including 5 monographs, 3 academic books; in addition, he is the author of 20 patents, more than 15 patents introduced in Ukraine and abroad, a member of two academic councils of doctoral and master's theses, a supervisor four PhD, member of the section "Oil and Gas" Committee on awarding the State Prize of Ukraine.

Kaptsov Ivan first time has developed and introduced the energy-saving technology and equipment of without-fire complex method of connecting leads and technological lines in pipelines operating under high pressure without pollution by dioxide in the atmosphere. It gave the opportunity to gasify 110 settlements and industrial enterprises in Ukraine, about 120 of objects in the republics of the former USSR and save 70 billion. m3 of gas.

Under his leadership, the school for the development and implementation of highly efficient technologies and systems to clean the inner cavity of large diameter pipelines were created («Uragan», GDU - 1220, GDU-1420, «Truboochistitel'»); It provides high hydraulic efficiency and reduces costs of operating fuel gas compressor stations by 10-12%.

Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor Kaptsov Ivan was directly involved in the start-up and operating such pipelines as the «Sojuz», «Urengoj-Pomari-Uzhgorod», «Braterstvo», Mіns'k-Іvacevichі-Dolina, Shebelinka - Dikan'ka-Kiїv et al. His developments have been demonstrated at exhibitions VDNH of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and VDNH of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, at the international exhibitions "Neftegaz-87", "Neftegaz-89" in such cities as Riyekka (Yugoslavia), Barcelona (Spain), Beijing (China) and awarded by nine silver and five bronze medals and diplomas.

His scientific activities have been awarded by the Order "Badge of Honor" and other awards and diplomas. Kaptsov Ivan obtained the status of "Best Inventor of the Ministry of gas industry", "Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine", "Honored Worker of Ukrgasproduction " Excellent worker «Ukrgasproduction"

The first graduates of the specialty "Heat supply and ventilation" was in January 1999. By this time, the total number of issued professionals is more than 2000 people. The department taught 30 subjects which is provided with academic books. A significant attention is paid to publishing the academic books including the ones with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine stamp. During the period from the department foundation, 10 textbooks, including the ones with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine stamp written by the staff was published, the electronic versions of textbooks, manuals and guidelines are making for sharing.

Teaching staff

4 Professors, Dr.Sci.Tech., 9 associate professors, Ph.D., 2 senior teachers, 4 teacher assistants

Support staff:

An engineer and a lab manager. The department study program is focused on the operation, maintenance and design of Heat and gas supply and ventilation systems.

The department graduates Specialists and Masters on specialty "Heat and gas supply and ventilation." A modern teaching and research laboratory is created at the department, which consists modern technical equipment stands, the models of various pipelines and their connections, modern insulation materials. These materials and equipment allow the students to gain not only scientific knowledge, but also reinforce them by practical experience. There are such operating stands as: the gas-distribution station, water heating systems with an electric boiler. The department is provided by:

- Educational and consulting room, equipped with modern personal computers designed for teaching and research work of teachers, postgraduate students, graduates.

- Specialized modern equipped laboratory located in 116 room, which is equipped with demonstration teaching and laboratory equipment and technical facilities, a working model of the gas-distribution station, individual heat supply system model connected to the fan-coil unit and test equipment, electric boiler, heating devices " warm floor ", the models of the gas and ventilation systems.

The department has developed implementation of new technologies related to the use of application software for students’ testing, multimedia supply for both lectures and practical classes.

The department trains students in "Construction" direction, specialty "Heat and gas supply and Ventilation" with such degrees as:

6.060101- "Bachelor"

7.06010107- "Specialist"

8.06010107- "Master"

The department organized postgraduate studies and professional development for the specialists in house gas supply system.

3d, 4th anfd 5th – year students have the technological and pre-diploma practices in specialized production enterprises, design and research institutions, international research organizations: OJSC "Kharkivgas"", OJSC "Kharkivmiskgaz", OJSC "Interkondytsioner", Ukrainian scientific research Institute of gas, PU "Kharkiv district heating networks ", The A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and others.

At the manufacturing plants of OJSC "Kharkivmiskgaz", OJSC " Kharkivgas ", Chuguev branch of OJSC "Kharkivgas " the branches of the department with educational-scientific industrial complexes were founded. Together with OJSC "Kharkivmiskgaz", OJSC " Kharkivgas " Chuguev branch of OJSC "Kharkivgas", science and production association "Veza", the science and production association "Improving the efficiency and reliability of gas and heat pipelines, energy and heat generating units".