The Department of Gas and Heat supply systems operation was founded at the Faculty of Urban engineering by the Order 11.04.1993 № 49-01 in Kharkov national academy of municipal economy.

The Head of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Oil and Gas Kaptsov Ivan Ivanovich.

The first graduates of the specialty "Heat supply and ventilation" was in January 1999. By this time, the total number of issued professionals is more than 2000 people. The department taught 30 subjects which is provided with academic books. A significant attention is paid to publishing the academic books including the ones with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine stamp. During the period from the department foundation, 10 textbooks, including the ones with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine stamp written by the staff was published, the electronic versions of textbooks, manuals and guidelines are making for sharing.

The department study program is focused on the operation, maintenance and design of Heat and gas supply and ventilation systems. The department graduates Specialists and Masters on specialty "Heat and gas supply and ventilation."

A modern teaching and research laboratory is created at the department, which consists modern technical equipment stands, the models of various pipelines and their connections, modern insulation materials. These materials and equipment allow the students to gain not only scientific knowledge, but also reinforce them by practical experience. There are such operating stands as: the gas-distribution station, water heating systems with an electric boiler.